Hi I am Penny Miles and this is my Miles of Pennies Website

Hello my name is Penny Miles and this is my website!

This website is all about helping abused and neglected kids at Sunrise Children’s Services by collecting loose change.

Did you know that it takes 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end to stretch the length of a mile! That’s $844.80!

These pennies can make a huge difference in the lives of children. I would know! You can watch my story here to see how Sunrise children’s Services has helped me.

Make sure to visit my ideas page for great ideas on how you or your organization can raise a mile. Feel free to browse my website. Inside you will find my coloring comic book, where you can add color to my story. You can even track my progress across Kentucky as you turn in your mile of pennies. I am here to help so if you would like more information, request a speaker or help for your project, please fill out my contact form. Make sure to sign up here to join Penny in working on a Mile of Pennies to help Sunrise kids!

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Thanks for uploading your pictures. Your picture will be posted to our gallery soon. Your pennies are going to help so many children!

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